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Data is your future. Do you have a single view
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Why Finding Friday?

We specialise in Data and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) for the Travel and Leisure Sector. Our experience of working in the sector over the last 10 years has helped us to develop a deep understanding of how to make CRM a highly effective part of your sales and marketing plans. We have developed an industry specific and market leading CRM system that takes data feeds from multiple places in the customer journey and allows you to create a single customer view. With all of your data held in one place our data team are able to create useful insights and test and learn strategies that you can employ via your internal team or the team at Finding Friday can manage and deliver a highly effective CRM programme on your behalf.

We hope that our website answers most of the questions you may have about CRM and Finding Friday. If you would like to find out more, have a demo of our technology or have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.

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What we do

Data Management

Key to successful CRM is the quality of your data. Consolidating multiple data sources into a single customer view. Understanding your customers and creating meaningful segments.

Communication Strategy

Making sure you get the right message to the right people at the right time is crucial to any effective CRM programme. For travel and leisure customers there are two key drivers of a communication strategy – previous booking data and lifestage profiling. Use this information to personalise communications and you will improve response rates.


In the digital world the focus is quite rightly on eCRM as the primary communication method due to the cost effective delivery. However, for the right audience a good quality, targeted, DM pack can outperform emails. Either way a test and learn strategy should be deployed to maximise effectiveness.

Contact strategy

The customer journey is not linear but there are are key moments for the customer and a CRM programme should trigger action where appropriate.


Our CRM platform provides quick but comprehensive performance reports or we can set up a dashboard to display your key KPI’s.

Managed CRM Programme

We can manage your end to end CRM programme including planning, copywriting, design, broadcast and reporting.

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"Your data is important. As a DMA agency we comply fully with the DMA compliance code."

− Paul Vennard, Managing Director

100% Responsive Design

On average 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device, and this will only increase. All of our email templates are fully responsive.

Extensive Documentation

Our systems come with full instructions on how to prepare and send your communications, including segmenting lists, selecting and editing emails, broadcasting and reporting.

Unique features

Our broadcasting system has many unique features to help target and retarget dynamic content to truly personalise. This is in addition to the base features of AB and multivariate testing

Drag and Drop editor

Our system has an easy to use drag and drop function making creating emails really simple, adding new content types, different layouts and adding images.